Spring Awakening’ delivers energetic performances

Spring Awakening is a lively and rebellious musical for our generation.

The musical focuses on different characters with their problems. The issues are relatable to the target audience, topics like abuse, suicide, and sex.

The messages in the musical are definitely a touchy subject. When the musical first came out it was controversial, but now the subjects are more real to the audience.

This musical is extraordinary. Everything about the performance stood out; the acting, the singing, the live music, and the energy the actors gave out.

The stage design is very unique. A live band is on a platform near the back of the stage. A soundtrack cannot beat sound of the actual instruments in the theater.

The actors had such a great energy all throughout the musical. When they performed a number, they kept the beat with their legs and worked the stage.

The following characters stole the show.

Melchior, played and Gustavo Gomez, is the strong and stubborn main character who admires Wendla. Gomez did an unbelievable performance. His acting was beyond great. The audience hangs onto his every word, totally be certain of his performance. Gomez showed his acting skills while sharing his deep emotion to a chair act as if it is a tombstone.

Wendla, played by Victoria Villarreal, is a naive and curious girl who wants to know more about coming of age. Villarreal has an amazing voice. She belts out her notes like no other. Her opening number is mind blowing. Her acting is as good as her voice. Villarreal lead the audience to believe that Wendla is oblivious to being a grown woman.

The favorite numbers are easily the lively ones. The actors just make it so much fun to watch. They make the audience want to run on stage to join the song.

Spring Awakening is a fantastic and unruly musical. The department of theater and musical theatre put on a truly fantastic performance. This musical is highly recommended to see.

We give this musical five out of five paws.

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