On-screen chemistry makes Gangster Squad a must-see thriller

Gangster Squad is an action thriller about a team of off-duty cops who team up to take down the drug kingpin in the city of Los Angeles.

This movie is a hidden gem right now in the theatre that features the talents of Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone and Sean Penn. These three actors make the film a great story. Even though the director could have made some things better, by the end of the film it is still worth watching.

The setting takes place on the west coast in Los Angeles where the kingpin Mickey Cohen creates his own organized crime ring for drugs and gambling. The cops of the city cant do anything about him because he owns most of the police.

A small group of cops who have had enough form a team to take down Cohen. When that happens the movie takes off and the plot really starts to gain traction.

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone made their on-screen chemistry work to help this film gain a heart felt side story to the film. But overall this movie was meant to be a crowd pleaser that was never intended to be a reflection of how life as a cop was back in the 40s in any sense.

Some scenes went overboard and filmmakers could have avoided some of the murders that took place during the key scene of the movie even though it helps with the overall direction of the film.

The only thing that was accurate to the time period itself was the costumes, automobiles, and landmarks used for this film otherwise everything else is over done to the point that makes the film lose a little of its realism.

However, it does not take away anything from the plot and the end result of the movie. The on-screen chemistry and action of the film make it worth watching, earning a 7 out of 10.

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