Grimm Tale revamped in Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters

While the film was no Oscar attempt it did provide a fresh look at an old tale. One can obviously tell from the previews that it’s the classic Grimm tale of Hansel and Gretel, only they’re no longer children eating a candy house, but a witch hunting duo determined to kill every witch alive.

Dry humor and one-liners abound in this gorey flick along with the “f-bomb”beingdropped a lot, andan impressive3-D aspect. Though extremely hard-core moviefans may have their complaints about the 3-D graphics, the average movie goer will see them as enjoyable anda great addition to the overall film.

As for the actual plot I can really see thisparticular film as a great datenight movie for a few reasons. For the guy’s there’s a lot of big weapons in play, a good witchusing a Gatling gun, and a few peoples heads getting smashed in from time to time. The ladies can really enjoy the strong female lead, a brief love story and lead actor Jeremy Renner. Both can enjoy a good few laughs, a couple of great twists and some interesting characters.

Overall the film has received many mixed reviews from critics and majority positive reviews from viewers. Writing for the New York Times, reviewer Glen Genzlinger noted that the brother and sister chemistry is lacking because of a script short on witty lines.

On this one I would definitely say go with the viewers. Though I cannot say it’s lighthearted, it is an easy movie to understand lending itself as a way for you to relax and enjoy a visit to the movies.

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