A Haunted House Fails to bring audiences laughter

Witches, demons, ghosts, vampires and more have always been an intriguing topic for movie goers worldwide. So what does Marlon Wayans do? Create a spoof of the hot topic ofcourse, but unfortunately his latest work “A Haunted House” did not live up to the level of his previous works. In my opinion, I believe it was incredibly subpar as far as spoofs go.

I believe that Neil Genzlinger summed this movie up quite well in his review:

If the opening gag in your R-rated movie is an extended flatulence joke you should reconsider whether youre qualified to make such a movie. Not that flatulence jokes arent funny; 8-year-olds love them. The thing is, not many 8-year-olds go to R-rated movies.

The opening of the flick was the usual screen shot of when the film was so called found, followed by a short intro of the main character dancing with his maid, but soon afterwards, the movie devolves into fart jokes, dog killing and other crasshumor that just isn’t funny.

Writers Rick Alvarez and Marlon Wayans pulled influence from many productions such as American Horror Story, The Blair Witch Project and a Devil Inside on top of the obvious Paranormal Activity.

The result is a mash-up of heinous proportions, and some of it was just downright disturbing.

The supporting actors fill their roles as best as they can but it seems like you can only do so much with a poor script.

A Haunted House has been negatively received across the board with the critics and viewers. Critiques aren’t very positive so honestly no matter which side you go with you’ll be on the right one with this particular film.

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