Homeonwners should not have to disclose that someone died in their home

A Pennsylvania woman is suing the seller of her home for not telling her that people were killed in the home, according to ABC.

ABC reported that the homeowner is suing for fraud.

When Janet Milliken, 59, moved from California after her husband died, she had hoped to start a new life with her two teenage children in Pennsylvania near her family.

She bought a home in Thornton, Pa., for $610,000 in June 2007. She learned a few weeks after she moved in from a next-door neighbor that a murder-suicide had occurred the year before in her home.

She sued the seller and the real estate agent for fraud and misrepresentation, saying they made a “deliberate choice not to disclose the home’s recent past,” according to a court document.

The seller of a home should not have to disclose that someone died in their house. That death should have nothing to do with the value of the house as long as the house was thoroughly cleaned afterwards.

Milliken was disturbed about the deaths in her house, which is understandable. She could have gone on not knowing and never felt weird in her house. Sometimes not knowing is better.

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