The best and the worst 2013 Super Bowl Ads

The Super Bowl is a singular occasion in the world of advertising. Corporations spend millions on precious seconds of advertising, which in turn influence millions of people. Super Bowl commercials have become an anticipated occurrence for Americans, and each year during the game ads are televised that make us laugh, tear up and sometimes just weird us out.

Heres a look at this which of these multi-million dollar commercial masterpieces touched the hearts and minds of the nation and which ones left the crowd scratching their head.

CUTEST COMMERCIAL: VWs Get Happy ad worked so well as a whole. The Jamaican accent juxtaposed with the rigid work environment, combined with the positive vibes present throughout, accentuated the car companys desired motto Get Happy. As offensive or trite as this commercial might have been, it was fortunately well done and pretty hilarious to boot.

THE TEAR-JERKER: Alcohol has certainly been associated with emotions throughout history (and not always in the most positive way) but who wouldve expected Budweiser to produce such an emotional commercial? The touching story of friendship between man and horse played out in their Brotherhood ad delivered an effective, heartfelt message that left everyone from hardcore fans to uninterested party-goers with watery eyes.

MOST INTENSE: The Dodge Farmer commercial could be described as an advertising monolith. A proud, two-minute salute to agriculture, forcing itself into anyone watchings brain almost by sheer length alone. Though at first viewing it seemed slightly strange and bleak, the commercial provided a strong message promoting not only Dodge trucks but the future of agriculture in America as a whole.

THE WORST: A model, a nerd, and the Internet, ingredients for the best Super Bowl ad ever? Wrong, these are components one of GoDaddys Super Bowl ads, which may as well have been titled The Most Awkward Thing You Will Ever Watch. The ad seemed pleasant enough until model Bar Refaeli began making out with pasty, acne-faced guy to her left. And then it kept going, and going, until the sound of lips smacking together sloppily made viewers across the nation lose their appetites.

THE BEST: Taco Bells Viva Young ad was the hands down the best of the Super Bowl. The hilarity of Funs Spanish parody of their hit song We Are Young combined with the equally funny and yet touching antics of the elderly partiers made for a memorable commercial that held sway in comedy and emotion.

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