Third installment will conclude The Witcher series

While there is no gameplay footage to speak of, this 50 second teaser trailer was released on The Witcher’s Facebook page as a follow up to the games official announcement on Game Informer.

According to a press release provided by, developers CD Projekt Red say that they are ending the series as a trilogy while games are still within a high note with its audience. This in no way means, however, that they are pulling any punches with this finale. In addition to the highly anticipated conclusion to Geralt of Rivia’s legend, developers also boast a world 30 times bigger than The Witcher 2, a well polished fighting system that will have players embrace the role of a true monster slayer, and a truly intuitive RPG experience unlike any other in modern RPG history.

A release date is scheduled sometime in 2014 for all high-end platforms.

As a fan since the first installment, and the thought of such a large world to explore and a boasted RPG experience like none I’ve ever experienced before, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit excited.

After spending nearly 80 hours in the first two games, the thought of a world 30 times bigger seems nearly impossible to achieve without causing the storage space within my computer to completely explode.

As far as this being the final game within The Witcher series, I am not sad about this in the least. I have thoroughly enjoyed the first two games, and if CD Projekt Red can create what they are boasting in their press release, it sounds as if The Witcher 3 will set the new standard for exactly how a series should end. In truth, a gamer could not ask for a better ending to one of his favorite video game series.

Do you think the developers should end with a trilogy, or do you want more games to be created for this franchise?

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