Bring love back to Valentines Day


Extravagant bouquets, chocolates, cheesy life-sized teddy bears and expensive gifts are synonymous with Valentines Day, but what happened to the love aspect of the holiday? (And I dont just mean sex).

Showering someone with gifts is not a way to prove you love them. However, many men and women spend countless amounts of dollars buying their significant others materialistic presents.

Lets look at the facts – Over $1 billion worth of chocolate, 189 million stems of roses and about 1 billion mass-produced Valentines Day cards are purchased and exchanged in U.S. each year, according to Department stores and grocery stores have commercialized Valentines Day, persuading customers to buy and buy and buy to express their love.

Valentines Day is a lovers holiday, which many seem to overlook. The popular commemoration of love and romance traces its origin to an ancient Roman festival and a legend of St. Valentine, who advocated marriage and sent a love letter to his paramour. (No, the holiday was not created by greeting card companies as some people speculate.)

This holiday is an expression of love toward those special someones in your life. Yes, its clich but its true.

Couples should spend the day in the company of their loved ones, celebrating being in love. Its a beautiful occasion that couples should take advantage of without giving in to the norm of store-bought gifts.

Why not show you care with a romantic dinner at your lovers favorite restaurant or have a night in where you cook their favorite meal? Write a love poem, make a mixed CD, walk around the city, stay in for the night with a movie, go to the park or make a gift from the heart and it is sure to be memorable.

Love is a deep affection and desire for a person; it is not defined by how many chocolates, flowers and gifts a person receives. So remember this Valentines Day to forget the giant stuffed teddies and bring love back.

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