Valentines Day gifts of the abnormal

Its that time of year, its Valentines Day! Many people are wondering what gift they should give to their significant other on this special occasion. As we all know, a Valentines gift can either make or break a relationship. Some go above and beyond when buying gifts. However, many are unaware of the ridiculous gifts that people receive on this holiday.

Surprisingly, many women express their romance by getting their man a bacon tie. This is a tie made solely out of bacon that men can ultimately wear and eat. As if men dont already have enough grease their arteries, now women are suggesting they wear it on their bodies. Before women consider this a winning gift, they might want to get the opinion of another man. A bacon tie? No thank you. I prefer bacon on my plate rather than on my clothes. It will smell and leave a grease stain on my shirt, said, senior, Anthony Yanez.

Some people use this holiday as a way to drop settle hints to their partners. One of the top gifts bought by women during Valentines Day is a back hair groomer for their man. Its shocking, but true. Some women buy their man a back hair groomer to help them take care of an uncontrollable problem. Sadly, this gift is also a settle way to end a relationship. Some women might purchase this gift while others will mock it. I think he should already have his back hair groomed in the first place. I shouldnt have to get him that gift for him to get the hint, said, freshman, Rachel Watkins.

One item that has become quite popular is the worlds largest gummy bear. However, as a Valentines gift there are mixed feelings as to whether or not this would make a good gift. For the sweets lovers in the world, this might be the perfect gift. As far as a romantic gift, this might be going in the wrong direction. I think that would be an awesome, but messy gift. Gummy bears are delicious, said Watkins. For a man, a way to his heart is through his stomach. Many men would agree this is a delicious and fun gift. Thatll be pretty cool because gummy bears are delicious and who wouldnt want a massive gummy bear, said Yanez.

The stress of finding the perfect Valentines gift continues to grow each year. Many believe giving a funny gift will be easier than stressing about a romantic gift. However, at the end of the day you can never go wrong with a romantic dinner and just spending time with your partner.

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