Losing mobile phones causes pandemonium for students

Attached at the hip is an understatement when it comes to students and their mobile phones. If you ever lose your phone on campus is not the end of the world because chances are that it has been turned in safe and sound.

When freshman, Ashley Pettibone, misplaced her Iphone Feb. 13 she was distraught.

“I was going crazy, I literally looked everywhere,” Pettibone said. “I retraced my steps, asked everyone, I was unable to get ahold of anyone! I felt useless.”

Having no luck, she went back to her dorm. Later that day her roommate received a call from Pettibones missing phone. Her phone had been found and turned into the Lowman Student Centers lost and found in room 311.

Aly Olde, senior, who works at the LSCs front desk, gets on average of two phones a day turned in.

“If a student does not come looking for their phone, which they almost always do, I call their parents and have them email the student, or call the last number they dialed,” Olde said. “If the phone is not retrieved I then put it in the lost and found.”

Director of the student center, Dan McDaniel, takes a trip to the University Police Department at least once a week with the lost and found items.

Cell phones rarely make it to UPD, because students cannot live without them, McDaniel said.

Once an item reaches the UPD, it is held there until its claimed or bought at the SHSU property auction held twice a year in April and October.

When your phone goes missing, don’t fret. Retrace your steps, check your email, ask if the building has a lost and found and after you’re absolutely certain you’ve looked everywhere go to the UPD.

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