Groups in LSC area too pushy for some students

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Walking through the area in front of the Lowman Student Center to go to class has become a bit of a chore. With different groups yelling at you to take a look at their table and others with members running around thrusting flyers in your hand its hard to make it to class without being bombarded by different organizations in the mall area.

While students and organizations have every right to advertise their groups and events, it seems they are beginning to blur the line between polite advertising, and just being downright aggravating and annoying. Handing out flyers, and making announcements about your group are ways to get your name known, but many groups on campus are making students weary about venturing into the area in front of the LSC. Many blame to the aggravation that some students feel after being yelled out to come check out this new club and then being handed a flyer they did not want.

A student who chose to be anonymous, explained that they felt as if the groups get angry and rude when you dont want what they are handing out. The student explained one such incident in which they turned down a flyer someone was handing out for Fight Night and the person handing out said flyer said whatever and rolled his eyes. Brian Bartsch, sophomore criminal justice major, explained that groups take it a little too far sometimes, when handing out flyers and that the organizations do get in your face occasionally.

When walking to class, some students now avoid the LSC area all together, simply because they do not want to deal with the drama of having to navigate their way through the numerous tables full of people shouting and handing out flyers for their different events. If students wanted a flyer to your group meeting or event, then they would come over and ask for one; there is no need to step in front of a person when they are walking to put a flyer to an event that they probably have no interest in attending in their hands.

There is a correct way to hand out flyers and advertise, yelling at students and shoving flyers in front of them is not the way to go. Instead, if those groups that table or hand out information would approach students in a more polite manner; they would probably see a greater turnout at their events.

Rather than advertising to students in the area in front of the LSC, groups should try advertising to students on social media sites such as Facebook. The group could create a page or an invite for their club or event and then invite students to like or join that page. For those students who do not wish to join or go to the publicized event, they can simply decline the invitation.

Those students who decline, and do not want to hear anything else from the club or about the event, could select the option to not let other members of the group to try to add you into the group, and they could block the page all together. This would allow groups a chance to advertise to a wider audience and students would have the chance to decline an invite without risking the chance of hearing a rude remark or having a flyer thrown in their face.

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