In UFC return, Lawler beats Koscheck like he owes him money

Fighting in the Octagon for the first time since 2004, Robbie Lawler won in stunning fashion with first round TKO against Josh Koscheck at UFC 157.

Lawler landed a shot with his trademark hard left on Koscheck, he was out cold before he hit the floor. Lawler immediately followed up with a quick flurry of punches while in top mount before referee Herb Dean stopped the fight at 3:57 in the first round.

Although Koscheck (17-7) did his best to avoid the powerful fists of Lawler (20-9) with an early double-leg takedown, Lawler wasnt rattled and soon got back to his feet. Koscheck was able to eventually bring him down again after a struggle along the fence, but he was unable keep him down (both figuratively and literally).

When Lawler popped back up, Koscheck again went for the takedown, but Lawler stuffed the attempt. A single left hand from Lawler made Koscheck go night night. His body went limp instantly, and a follow-up pounding by Lawler ended the fight seconds later.

This fight was one of the biggest upsets on the card. Most people knew that if the fight stayed off the ground Lawler would have the advantage. However, almost everyone was surprised that Koscheck (a world-class wrestler) was unable to keep Lawler down.

Things are looking up for Lawler. Taking out a perennial title contender like Koscheck will shoot Lawler up the welterweight rankings.

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