Top 5 Stupid MMA Fighter Tweets

Listen up every1I have an announcement to make. I just had some candy and hamburger for dinner and it was awesome. And that’s all, carry on.

John Dodson III (@JohnDodsonMMA) February 20, 2013

I’m pretty sure Dodson’s new nutritionist is a four year old with a sweet tooth. Frankly, if I don’t know how John Dodson gets diarrhea, I just can’t start my day off right.

King Mo “GONE WILD” – The Harlem “MMA” Shake – VIDEO PART I href=”” title=””> @href=””>mmaelite_alden @href=””>mmaelitebrand

King Mo (@KingMoFH) March 5, 2013

OMG! A personalized version of the Harlem Shake! How original and timely, how do you keep things so fresh?

An ice bath after training is good, but a river is even better! Bienvenue au Qubec!!!

Try out your own ice river today! all the fun of ice baths now with dirt and bear urine! Yay Quebec! Why be sterile when you could be feral!

Driving home last night I went past a terrible car crash which had just happened. Please drive carefully people. Driving is very dangerous!

Well, since Michael said it, I guess I’ll stop cutting off old people and driving through playgrounds! Thank you Bisping, your words of infinite insight leaves us all in awe.

I don’t know what the deal is if I had a restaurant that served horse meat I’d advertise it. Looks like pretty healthy meat

Shortly after tweeting this, Forrest Griffin was attacked in his home. No one saw the attackers, but witnesses did report seeing Seabiscuit and Mr. Ed fleeing the scene in a windowless van. Its probably nothing though.

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