Top ten things you need to survive Spring BreakTop ten things you need to survive Spring Break

A modest list of things you need to survive the wave of fun that’s sure to come your way this break.

10. Your bathing suit. The staple to every Spring Break getaway, this is the one item that many people forget thinking that it’s common sense to bring it. Make sure you check your bag twice, the prices for suits at your destination are no joke.

9. H2O. It’s bound to be hot as hell where your going so make sure you hydrate! When I say hydrate I don’t mean booze, you’ve got to layer your liquor with a bit of water too. Getting heat stroke during Spring Break does not make for a good time

8. Sun Screen. No matter what your skin color make sure you slab on some of the protection serum this break. Seriously. There’s nothing funny about cancer.

7. Sunglasses. These are a must have! Having squinty eyes because you can’t see due to the blinding sun is not a cute look. Make sure you protect your sexy eyes with some badass sunnies.

6. Party! This is the one time of the year that students get to let loose for a whole week with no worries. Don’t forget to party, or at least decompress because if you sit around and do nothing then there was no point in having Spring Break now was there?

5. Sleep! While you’re out there doing your thing and having fun, don’t go so hard that you forget to sleep! Otherwise you’ll get drunk and probably fall asleep…causing you to miss out on a bunch of fun. So make time to sleep. You don’t wanna miss a thing!

4. Try something new! Try a new type of food, drink music whatever! As long as it’s something new give it a chance. Although, I’d advise against trying a new significant other I doubt that your current one would appreciate that.

3. Friends! Make sure you bring your friends with you on your trip, and if your going stag? Make sure that you make some new friends! Because walking down the beach would be so much better with a friend by your side.

2. Neon! Don’t forget your neon coloredanything. How else will you find your awesome buddies in the crowd of sun burnt bodies.

1. Self respect.This week is all about making memories, not babies so make sure that you wear a glove if your going to play catch.While it’s true can get drunk and forget all the insane things you did last night, and blacking out allows you to maintain some dignity make sure you get yourself checked when you come back. Just in case you feel like you could be a little bit oblivious to the memories of a potentially slutty Spring Break.

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