Two vloggers ask, ‘Have you ever lied to impress a girl?”

Rhett and Link, vloggers of  “Good Mythical Morning,” brought up a case where a 37-year-old man from Florida who faked being a deputy for six months to impress his girlfriend.

They say that the man’s story had too many holes in it. Because of what this Florida man did, Rhett and Link ask if anyone else ever lied to impress a girl.

These are the bests responses to the video.

SteveErnst117said, “last spring I went on a road trip with my cousin, and on the way home, we hooked up with 2 girls we passed on the highway and had lunch together. they asked us about ourselves and we told them we had been members of rival inner city gangs who became friends and brought peace to the streets. I don’t think they believed us, but we at least had fun.”

wzrd112went with the jealouslytactic.

“Once on ajrhigh trip to Seattle I pretended I was in a relationship with a girl from another school to make this other girl think I was worth the effort. Boy did that mind game work.”

zeldagirl892fell for a boy in elementary school who claimed to invent Pokemon cards.

“When I was in the first grade, a boy tried to impress me by telling me he was the inventor of Pokemon cards. I, being six, believed him, and totally had a crush on him. After about two months of this going on, my best friend told me that he had lied. Needless to say, I was majorly disappointed. I thought I was going to marry the Pokemon King and finally get my hands on everyEeeveelution.”

What are your crazy impression stories?

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