Christian evangelical pastor releases new app

Globally famous pastor John Piper is taking a new approach to making sure people can be theologically sound when it comes to their faith. On Tuesday, the preacher released an iTunes app called Ask John Piper.

The free app allows listeners access to a list of short podcasts through sound cloud that answer major theological questions in a way that a layman could understand. Piper also answers questions regarding the pastoral care of the church.

There are 40 new episodes released five times each week, typically about 5 minutes long each,” according to the, Pipers personal website. “We call it a daily podcast, as were serving up something new each weekday. The new app is simple and easy to use. It plays the most recent seven episodes (and links to Sound Cloud for all episodes), includes a share feature, and provides an avenue for you to submit your questions for John to answer.

The app is a great resource for anyone involved with the Christian faith. It is also a good app for non-believers to check out to get a glimpse into what Christians believe and are discussing in scholarly circles.

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