Top five things to do, not to do during Spring Break

Students around the country are crossing off days on their calendars and counting down the seconds until spring break! Some say this annual recess from school is even more-anticipated than Christmas or Thanksgiving break. While many may already have a fabulous trip planned to Panama City Beach, others may be unsure about what to do during spring break. Before anyone packs their bags they should check out this list of the top five best and worst things to do during spring break.

Several students might want to plan a big trip to some place tropical; however, those who are working with a budget this may not be the most practical choice. If you are not planning an over the top spring break, here is a list of the best alternative things to do:

1. Road Trip: If you cant plan a big fancy trip, you can plan a small road trip with your friends. Get some snacks and a full tank of gas and just drive.

I think out of that list the road trip would be the best. There are so many places that I would like to see, but they are too far to get to while I am in school, junior, Zak Carroll said.

2. Finish what you started: If you put down a book halfway through or only watched half of a movie, now is your chance to finish what you started.

3. De-Stress: A trip to the spa or taking up yoga is a great way to de-stress from your midterms.

4. Catch up with other college friends: All of your friends are home from their schools. This is a chance to plan something with all of your friends you never get to see.

5. Try something new: Here is your chance to try something you never thought you would try. Whether its a new hobby, food, meeting new people, or just an activity you always wanted to try, this is a great way to spend your break.

Here is a list of the worst things to do during spring break, so please pay attention and you will save yourself from a painful spring break experience. We have listed the best, now its time for the worst:

1. One night stand: I think this speaks for itself. Dont have a one night stand. You could come back to school with an STD. Period.

2. Getting a tattoo: Even though its something new, getting a tattoo over spring break is not the best idea. A tattoo is permanent, and youll want to take time to think about it instead of just getting a tattoo randomly over the break.

I would absolutely not want to get a tattoo during spring break because I wouldnt want a single night of inebriation to turn into a life explaining that weird rose tattoo on my arm, said Carroll.

3. Break the law: There is a difference between living on the edge and just being flat out crazy. Dont try and live to dangerously because you could be spending your spring break in jail.

4. Start a protest or activist movement: Come on, this is not the time to start protesting or trying to change the world in one week. Every student is on break and wants to relax after their midterms. Dont bombard them with a protest.

5. Babysitting or Housesitting: This is your last chance for a real break until the summer so make the most of it. It might sound selfish, but do something that benefits you and only you.

Babysitting or housesitting would be the worst, I might like it the first couple of days, but it would get tiring fast, and thats not the way I would want to spend my spring break, freshman, Sally Mendoza said.

Whether you choose to listen to the best or worst list, you need to make sure to have a memorable spring break. Spring break is an exciting time, but that time is limited so make the most of it now.

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