TSUS Board of Regents approve fixed tuition plans

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The Texas State University System Board of Regents was approved to direct the systems four year institutions to develop optional fixed-rate tuition plans on Mar. 4. This includes Sam Houston State University.

According to a TSUS press release this decision requires that, the Texas State University Systems senior institutions to develop four-year, fixed-rate tuition plans as an option for students who enroll beginning in the fall of 2014. Institutions must submit their proposals to the Board of Regents for consideration during the boards November 2013 meeting.
Vice President of Finance and Operations, Al Hooten, said he is not sure how this will affect the university.

Its hard to say, we dont know the specifics, Hooten said.

Hooten said the campus has to develop a tuition program by November 2013 to present to the board. The fixed-rate tuition will be implemented for the freshman class of fall 2014.

TSUS Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Perry Moore, said the plans should include an academic progress requirement so students have incentive to finish their degrees on time.

These optional plans will assist students and their families in financial planning and will also encourage more timely graduation within the four years of fixed tuition, Moore said.

Not all students are required to participate in the fixed-rate tuition program. Students can continue to pay standard tuition which traditionally has been below the state average, according to the TSUS press release.

Some SHSU students are wary that this may increase their tuition to compensate for the people in the fixed-rate tuition program.

Im afraid that our tuition will increase more to compensate for them, Courtney Wagner, junior music education major said.

Emily Eisterhold, junior music education major, thinks fixed tuition rates are a good idea she just wished they had happened sooner.

I support the fact that some people are getting the opportunity to have their fixed tuition. Eisterhold said. I feel that it is kind of unfair and unjust that the rest of us are still having to pay increased tuition prices every year.

The University of Houston System and the University of Texas System have also opted to use fixed-rate tuition programs.

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