Financial Aid office creates help program for graduating students

Correction: The times in the picture were incorrect. The correct times are posted at the bottom of the story. Also he federal website for student loans was incorrect.

Graduating students with loans need to be aware of what they have to do when repaying their loans after getting their degree. The financial aid office has designed a program that will help students with repaying their loans.

According to Kimberly Nettles, a counselor in the financial aid office, the department will be hosting a booth across campus in various locations on different days that will be staffed by different counselors from the office in order to answer questions students may have and to give information about the required exit counseling.

“This is our first time trying this type of program on campus, and the main goal we are trying to achieve is to reach graduating students every semester.” Nettles said. ” The program is for students who have taken out loans during their college career, and is meant to serve as a reminder that those students need to complete exit counseling, as well as giving more information on what to expect about repaying loans after college.”

Nettles said that the information table will be set up all day with handouts available, and counselors will be there to provide any assistance needed, including help finding out who the lenders and servicers are in the student’s loans. Computers will not be included at the site for students to actually complete their exit counseling., the federal website for student loans, is where students are required to complete the exit counseling. According to the website, the exit counseling topics include: understanding the loans, plans to repay the loans, ways to avoid defaulting, and how to make finances a priority.

Nettles said if none of the dates are convenient for a student, they can still come to the main office for any assistance they need.


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