SGA candidates for “I Like Mike” ticket ousted from spring elections

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The Student Government Association’s Supreme Court decided not to review the disqualification of the I Like Mike ticket running for the SGA executive board. The decision came on Monday, three days after the ticket petitioned to have the SGA Election Commission’s decision reversed.

Sen. Cristan Shamburger (CHSS), Vice President Kolby Flowers, and sophomore education major Stori Ellis all formally protested the I Like Mike campaign to Election Coordinator Cody Hatcher on Thursday. After members from both sides of the issue argued their respective positions, the election commission decided to disqualify each member of the I Like Mike campaign.

In a statement, Hatcher said that the supreme court’s decision was the last chance for the campaign to be submitted again.
“As a result of the court’s decision not to hear or rule on the case, the decision of the Election Commission will stand,” Hatcher said. “In addition, because there is no appellate to the Supreme Court, this is the final decision on the matter.”

In a joint statement by Flowers and Shamburger released Monday night, the two SGA members said that they are pleased with the checks and balances taking effect.

“It’s important for Student Government to hold itself accountable,” Flowers said. “With the decisions of the election commissioners and supreme court justices, it’s a clear example that this system works.”

Former Vice Presidential candidate Ashton Winfree said that the I Like Mike ticket was treated unfairly in a biased and unethical way.

“During the hearing, both sides were heard but both sides were not [equally considered],” said Winfree. “Our ticket provided substantial evidence for each protest in black and white: written statements and photos. àAll we wanted was a fair chance to become future seat holders on the SGA executive board. We did not get that opportunity.”

In her statement to The Houstonian, Shamburger said that she expected rule breaking from the I Like Mike ticket.

“Sen. Apt and his ticket’s decision to blatantly disregard the rules show a serious case of misjudgment,” Shamburger said. “This does not surprise me seeing as this ticket lacks the experience necessary to make the right decisions.”

The list of charges include breaking election code rules by campaigning outside the official allotted campaign window by having its Facebook page published before campaigning started (Article VI Section B) and campaigning inside the SGA office by candidate Apt (COCJ) (Article VI Section H).

Other protests on the letter to Coordinator Hatcher include utilizing alcohol, or in this case the Draft Bar in Huntsville, to solicit votes (Article VI Section K).

Members of the I Like Mike campaign were Mike Apt, Ashton Winfree, Alexis Bloomer, Lauren Fenn and Hailey Wyant.

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