SGA looks to make campus a safer place

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Members of Student Government Association are trying to create a closer relationship with students by directly addressing their grievances and concerns. A new committee is being formed for fall 2013 that will be a direct medium to solutions for students’ issues.

Sen. Spencer Copeland (COCJ) wrote the draft for the new committee’s procedures and modeled it after the Dean of Students Office’s procedures.

“We have a lot of students coming up to us and saying ‘hey, we see an issue with this,’ it’s kind of hard to tackle that issue without having any set plans and procedures to handle that,” Copeland said. “à We’re trying to have a system to work all the time, no matter what the problem is.”

Copeland said that the committee is still in its infant stages and won’t be operational until next semester.

The heart of the committee is to revamp the relevance of SGA on campus.


In an effort to make the Sam Houston State University campus safer, faculty and SGA members took a tour of campus and identified dangerous areas and trouble spots on March 19. SGA Vice President Kolby Flowers and Copeland collaborated with the Facilities Department and the Office of Dean of Students on their safety walk and hope to fix potential problems with lighting, call boxes and limited sight areas.

“[Facilities] does an excellent job,” Copeland said. “In fact, most of the issues we found were already documented on their end and are already being fixed.”

Copeland said that issues with areas where members of the university community and campus visitors are at increased risk of violent crime are those that they want to see eliminated.

Along with the proposed additional committee, Copeland hopes that SGA is restored to its intended operational state of representing and helping the student body of SHSU.

If students recognize problematic or dangerous areas on campus, they are urged to contact Facilities at (936) 294-1868.

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