Audience roars for Epps’ comedy roast at Sammypalooza

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The audience roared with laughter at jokes about President Obama, cougars and how to be a gangster on Wednesday as comedian Mike Epps, and his opening act Scruncho took the stage for this year’s spring comedy showcase at Sam Houston State University.

Held in Johnson Coliseum, Epps had students rolling on the ground and jumping out of their chairs in excitement as he left the stage and went into the audience to roast attendees in one part of his show to roast members of the audience. No student was safe from his artillery of jokes as he pranced around calling out girls with lace front wigs, ugly clothes and bad breath.

The roast was a hit among students who felt Epps’ interaction with the audience was the best part of the night.

“My favorite part was when he jumped off stage and made fun of the crowd,” Kwamisha Quammie, senior mass communication major said. “He interacted with everyone and I just couldn’t stop laughing.”

Epps also gave students a lesson on how to perform oral sex the right way, explaining the all-important difference between old and young women, using his body language and catlike sound effects that even had the faculty and security grabbing their guts.

Epps, famous for his facial expressions and impersonations, even went after President Obama in a spot-on conversation between the president and Bill Clinton with Clinton as a player inviting Obama over to have fun with Snooki and the rest of his women. He continued the funny faces when he showed the audience just how scary Stevie Wonder really is.

Although Epps was the main act, opener Scruncho was not to be forgotten calling the Sam Houston Statue “a big ass statue of some white slave owner” to start the night off. Sruncho also interacted with the crowd, bringing a student to the stage and showing him how to be a gangster complete with sagging pants, backwards cap and the all-important walk.

“He told real-life jokes about baby mommas, his kids and that made me laugh the most,” junior mass communication Mario Blackmon said.

After wiping the tears from their eyes, students said Epps gave a better performance than last year’s comedian Gabriel Iglesias.

“This year was way better because Mike Epps really interacted with the crowd,” business major Candice Hawkins, said. “His jokes were more geared toward college students. Gabriel Iglesias’ jokes were more for families but [Epps] didn’t hold back.”

Other students agreed, saying Epps will be hard to beat at next year’s show.

“Mike Epps is the best and his opener was really good too,” Quammie said. “They’re definitely going to be hard to beat next year.”

The event was hosted by the SHSU Division of Student Services as part of the spring Sammypalooza event hosted every year.

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