Players set for another battle in Game of Thrones season opener

With so many questions left unanswered in the season two closer of the Game of Thrones, it was certainly not possible for the season three premiere to hold answers for everything, yet it did open with a lot of potential to make it more exciting than the last.

At the end of season two, fans saw the throne still under the control of House Lannister with Joffrey as King and his grandfather, Tywin Lannister, as the new Hand of the King. Mother of dragons, Daenerys Targaryen, had proven that she is the furthest thing from a helpless girl as her three “children” claimed their first life and are quickly growing into the fire-breathing forces of destruction that she needs them to be to reclaim her place as Queen. Most importantly was the return of the Whitewalkers, an army of undead that have not threatened the people inside of the wall for years, until their frightening appearance ended season two of the show.

In the season three opener, determined more than ever, Daenerys has funded a ship and is on her way to build her an army worthy of serving the true Queen of Westeros. Her dragons have grown since viewers have last seen them and they are learning not only how to fly but also how to hunt. Upon reaching Slaver’s Bay, she is introduced to soldiers bred for war who know not the meaning of words such as death, fear, or pain, yet is hesitant to the hiring of men, and I use that term loosely, that feel no emotion to serve her in her coming war.

Back in Westeros, clean-up has begun from the Battle of the Blackwater, as the Lannisters once again feel they are in control of the seven kingdoms. However, the man who played the largest part in ensuring that control was kept, received no such recognition. In fact, it was the complete opposite as Tyrion Lannister was met with cruel words from his father and thus was still seen as nothing more than a dwarf who was meant a curse upon the Lannister name.

The Night’s Watch have regrouped and have made it their primary concern to warn the people of Westeros of the incoming plague of Whitewalkers, yet their newest member, Jon Snow, has pledged allegiance to a new band of fighters. Seeing the Wildlings as the only force who is willing to fight this new threat, Snow agreed to join their ranks and hopes to still prove himself as more than his worthless bastard title that he has carried his whole life.


There are still many players in the Game of Thrones whose plans have not yet been revealed, as it is still too early within the season, it can be assumed that the Lannisters will not be able to sit within King’s Landing for too long without further opposition. With the mysterious women in red still holding Stannis tight within her control on one side, Robb Stark with those loyal to him and his passion for revenge driving him on the other, and the last Targaryen fueled with the desire to claim what is hers and three fast growing dragons just across the sea, a fight for the throne seems imminent. And that is without even putting the deadly force of Whitewalkers into the equation, an enemy unknown to all but those beyond the wall.

With just one episode into the season, Game of Thrones has taken its first step in the right direction. So much anticipation has been laid within this premiere as social media sites such as Twitter exploded with words of excitement and reactions both before and after the premiere aired. For a series that has been known for its storytelling and treacherous characters leaving the viewers unsure on whom they can trust, season three looks to continue that trend perfectly and could hold some of the largest deceptions yet.

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