The Bird Is The Word: CovertPidgeon combines internet and mail delivery

Move over Twitter, because there’s a new social bird in town. CovertPidgeon, a new startup business that just launched March 26, is looking to change the way people share kindness.

Their goal is to spread kindness, encouragement, friendship and awareness in a fun way. CovertPidgeon is different from current messaging services in that it allows customers to choose from hundreds of pre-made notes and send them anonymously to anyone they know. All the notes are positive or informative in nature and are mailed via traditional mail. Senders always remain completely anonymous.

The service is not free however. All basic notes printed on regular stationery cost $ .99; while the fancier notes printed on colorfully designed stationery cost $1.20.

Despite CovertPidgeon’s intentions, one student from Sam Houston State University found the service interesting, yet impersonal.

“I don’t like how the messages are pre-made,” senior student Amanda Banasiak said. “The prices are reasonable, it helps out USPS and it’s nice, but I would much rather have the messages done personally. It’s more creative and thoughtful that way.”

There are many different situations in which the service can be used. For example, for those who have a crush on someone, but are too worried about revealing it can use CovertPidgeon to let them know anonymously. Or if someone has a dispute with another person, but wants to avoid the awkward conversation, they can use the service to bury the hatchet anonymously.

Here is where things get interesting. According to CovertPidgeon’s press release statement, they claim that they can help save the United States Postal Service. Since USPS will stop delivering on Saturdays starting August 5, it is expected that they will lose 35,000 postal jobs.

CovertPidgeon claims that they are doing their part to help save those jobs.

A note here, a note there, collectively people sending notes via CovertPidgeon can make a difference for the Postal Service,” their website says.

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