ABC’s “Castle” star Tamala Jones is more than an actress

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Actress Tamala Jones stars on ABC’s Castle. She plays forensic analyst Lanie Perish. Although this is a crime drama, Jones brings her comedic personality to the show. Not only is she an actress, but she proudly participates in charity events and is a spokesperson for the brain aneurysm foundation. She also is a bargain fashionista.

Castle is a very popular Television series that follows the lives of mystery novelist “Richard Castle” and NYPD detective “Kate Beckett” as they solve crimes in New York City. There are a lot of crime shows currently on TV, and according to Tamala Jones, “Castle” is in its own lane. The show reached its 100th episode on April 1.

Tamala Jones: “Castle is different because there’s so much comedy and so much more to go off of besides crime. There are relationships and friendships that have developed during the show.”

Houstonian: Growing up, you always wanted to be in the entertainment industry. You were in a girl band when you were younger similar to the Fugees. Why did you decide to pursue acting?

TJ: In the beginning it was intimidating. When I received my first role for “Booty Call,” I was 21 years old. It was an amazing experience. I remember I was outside with my grandmother hanging clothes on the line when I got the news. I told my grandmother, ‘I’m going to buy you a washer and dryer!'”

H: Having such an important role in a movie at such a young age must have made you nervous. How was it working along side more well established actors like Jamie Foxx, Tommy Davidson, and also Vivica A. Fox?

TJ: “When I first met them I was nervous and had an acne breakout. It took Vivica to come and talk to me, and Tommy and Jamie to give me notes and comedy tips in order for me to relax.”

H: Mostly, you have been in comedies like Next Friday, Blue Streak, Two Can Play That Game, and The Wood. Did you have to practice in order to switch up for her role as Lanie Perish in Castle?

TJ: I had to realize the importance of the relationships in the show. I was able to bring my sassiness into my character. I’ve studied at the Lee Strasberg Institute. I’ve been to a lot of different workshops to learn how to change roles. I still attend workshops.

H: What’s your advice for aspiring actors and actresses here at SHSU?

TJ: “Always take acting workshops, stay in acting classes and stay rehearsing. You will hear ‘No’ a thousand times, but never give up. Stay on your craft, and when you get your first break it will all be worth it.”

H: Not only are you an actress, but you are also a spokesperson for the Brain Aneurysm foundation. Having experienced one yourself at age 23, how did that affect you?

TJ: “I am very proud of this position. I felt that if I told the story enough, I would save lives. I want to make people aware of how sensitive the head is. Some people are born with it and don’t even know. People should get cat scans at least once a year of the brain, as they do other body parts. More awareness needs to be raised about this illness.

H: Jones will be speaking at the Brain Anuerysm Foundation’s Lobby Day on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, on May 21. What else do you like about charities?

TJ: “I love working with the youth. I like talking to kids who are unaware of the danger in their environments, or who are lacking love from home. I participate in the Party 4 Peace weekend every summer along with Will Smith and others. We go to youth prisons and speak to kids and open up to them, letting them know that they don’t have to be products of their environments. I also enjoy going to high schools and speaking to girls about sex, diseases, and the importance of protection. I want them to realize that their body is their temple.

H: You are also known for your smart fashion decisions. Can you give any advice to SHSU students who are usually looking for any way to save money when they shop?12

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