Beyonce’s past albums’ first week sales

So far, the year 2013 has been good to Beyonce.

From her contract with Pepsi, to her performance at the Superbowl and her documentary, which had 1.7 million viewers, Beyonce reminds us why many call her Queen Bey.

She took a two-year break from her last album, 4 to have Blue Ivy Carter, and now shes ready to tackle the industry. The first week album sales of her past four albums have been close, who knows what is expected when her new album is released later this year?

Whoever knows Beyonce, knows that she is a very personal person when it comes to her family, and her music. A definite name, track-list, or release date for her new CD probably wont be available until it gets closer to that time. Other artists are more lenient with that information.

With the growing rate of pirating and torrents, hopefully Beyonces new CD will still sell a large amount during the first week. The Mrs. Carter World Tour is more of a reason why this CD will draw a large audience. She hasnt released an album in two years, so fans are itching for new Beyonce music to jam to.

This graph shows the amount of money each album made during its first week release. Bday sold the most records during the first week and her last album 4 sold the least. This may be due to the fact that old fashioned cd purchases are declining. Everything is sold digital, or can be downloaded on the internet.

Until her album releases, you can check out her new song Bow Down/I been on. This song is definitely a good kick-off to her new album and expectation of her world tour.

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