Students move to Brazilian beats, music in Brazilian Arts Foundation festival

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Students got an unexpected workout as festive music filled the room at the Brazilian Arts Foundation event sponsored by the Sam Houston State University Program Council Wednesday night.

The Brazilian Arts Foundation brought a little bit of culture, food, music and dance to the Lowman Student Center Ballroom, educating attendees on the Brazilian culture and heritage.

Freshman biology major Kourtney Lyons was attracted to the diversity of the event.

This is different and creative, she said, I have never seen anything like this on campus.

Criminal justice student Brandon Alcala agreed, admiring the refreshing atmosphere.

This is pretty cool, something completely different Alcala said. Everyone is participating and having a good time.

One of the most popular events of the night included the Capoeira art of dancing to which many attendees participated in. Capoeira is an ancient Brazilian martial art that combines dance and music with quick, complex moves. This was taught by special invited guests who encouraged all to participate.

Many students jumped out of their seats and joined in as the group demonstrated their movies for everyone.

International student Omar Puente from Mexico was very pleased with the Capoeira lessons.

I used to practice Capoeira Puentes said. This dynamic activity that theyve done has been enjoyable.

A live band was present comprised mostly of percussion instruments that complimented the art with rhythm, captivating the emotion of the dance.

As part of the movement, Capoeira encourages trust among participants.

Students were blown away by how much of a learning experience the teaching was as much as it was a fun workout.

Its great how friendly, patient and fun this is for everybody student Brandon Alcala said. Everybodys just having fun and learning.

The Brazilian Arts Foundation showed all, participants and spectators, that leaning about a different culture can be both exciting and enlightening.

This is a great opportunity to meet people from Brazil, Omar Puentes said. A definite International experience.

For a complete schedule of Program Council events, visit their page via the SHSU website.

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