Orange Pride, All Girl Cheer, and Co-ed Cheer named NDA champs once again

With hard work and dedication the Orange Pride dance team and co-ed cheerleading squad have once again won the title of national champions.

This past weekend the Sam Houston State University dance team, cheerleading squads and mascot competed against schools from across the nation.

The co-ed cheerleading squad defended their national title placing first in division I cheer. While this is the second consecutive national title for the co-ed cheerleading squad, it is the fourth consecutive title for the orange pride dance team.

Orange Pride dance team competed against eleven other schools in their division and after loosing their coach mid-season the girls fought harder than ever to defend their national title.

“It’s a big weight on usàwe have worked so hard to get this four time and I hope it shows out on the floor that we worked to put all of our effort into it that we couldà we all came together we really pulled together we all had faith in each other and had each others backs”, said Orange Pride Captain, Ashlee Hendrex.

In preparation for competition each team had to choreograph a routine, plan practices and keep the team motivated all while managing the pressure of college. Sprit Program Coordinator, Brian McColpin kept their spirits up and motivation going while dealing with the overwhelming pressure of nationals.

“Just try and be a positive as we possible can and remember that our goal is not to go to win our goal is to go hit our routine and if we hit our routine that is the best we can do it then it is not in our hands anymore its in the judges and that what I keep reminding them”, said McColpin.

The All-girls cheerleading squad won second place in their division, making it one step closer to a national title. While only two of the SHSU spirit teams won national titles, the spirit program is still proud of each team and its members for the hard work and dedication they put in.

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