New assistant director of Parking and Transportation has been hired

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The University Police Department has hired a new assistant director of Parking and Transportation, filling the vacancy left by the retiring director.

Matt McDaniel got the job through an interview process and because his relevant skill set, according to UPD Chief Kevin Morris.

McDaniel “has a lot of technical skills and seems like he would be a great fit for our university,” Morris said.

McDaniel is already knowledgeable in the apparatuses in the parking garages and the technology behind the hand held parking ticket machines.

“It’s a win-win for us. He lives in Huntsville, and when he shows up to work he won’t be behind the curve,” Morris said.

McDaniel will start May 16.

David Kapalko, former assistant director of Parking and Transportation, retired in January. He had held the position since October 2009.

While interviewing new candidates Morris had been filling in.

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