Student designers wow audiences in NAACP at “The Continuation”

Designers wowed with their unique fashions on Thursday night in “The Continuation” fashion show presented by the NAACP.

The event was held in the Lowman Student Center Ballroom and featured students’ designs as well as the styling of a few well-known designers including Cache and Ralph Lauren. The show was completely student run, including the models, who were all attendees of Sam Houston State University.

Attendees could also buy pieces from student designers that appeared in the show outside of the ballroom when the event was over.

This year’s fashion show incorporated dance to make the show stand out. The show was opened up by a performance from three dancers that attend SHSU.

Graduate student Kiera A. Amison and a group of other dancers kept the audience entertained during intermission as they moved the audience with an eye catching performance.

Director of the show Corey Chenier thought the dancing was a nice touch and wanted to incorporate his new love for the arts into the show.

“I just found the love of arts through one of my friends, and I just wanted to show it off to everybody,” Chenier said. “I knew nothing about dance, especially it being here so I really wanted to take this chance to just give it all back and just show everyone. I feel like it went phenomenal, it really set the tone.”

The fashion show also featured works from seven different designers, five of which are SHSU students. All of the pieces seemed to incorporate the use of bold colors and even bolder prints.

A staple in almost all the collections were crop tops, printed pants and high waisted shorts.

One of the collections, Chose Life, seemed to already have a fan base with the crowd and featured items such as shirts that boasted the brand’s name in different phrases like “The Chosen One” and “Just Get Chose.” The collection also featured clothing that was reminiscent of the 80s and 90s and was popular with the audience.

Other popular designs from the show included the use of tribal prints and vintage finds in “Free Spiiirit’s” collection, swimsuits in both “Courtney’s Closet” and Ralph Lauren, and a variety of one of kind pieces throughout almost all of the collections.

Audience member Taquilla Basley really enjoyed the work of designer Adeola Mosanya.

“I thought the show was great,” Basley said. “Adeola Designs was my favorite. I’m going to try and buy something after the show.”

Designer Mosanya, of Adeola Designs, said that she thought the show went well.

“It was a great experience. It was an honor to be a part of this,” Mosanya said. “I think it went really really great.”

Chenier was proud of the way the show turned out and sand his hard work paid off after months of hard work.

“I think it was good, we planned for it and it planned exactly how it happened,” Chenier said.

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