How to interview successfully, common mistakes to avoid in order to land the job

We all know that college commencement season is upon us. In a couple of weeks the Class of 2013 with be thrown out into the real world and have to start pounding the pavement in the search for a job. As college graduates start to enter the job market, it’s obvious that we want to stand out from our competition and prove to a prospective employer that we can do anything they need us to. Interviewing is a crucial stage to job hunting, the job of your dreams could be riding on your interviewing skills. According to Come Recommended many interviewers know if they are going to hire you or not within the first 90 seconds of questioning.

Thankfully, The Undercover Recruiter has complied a massive list of all the things you should and should not do in an interview. There are common mistakes that everybody makes, but after looking at their infographic I believe that these three lists are the most important in terms of landing recent graduates jobs.

The top ten most common mistakes made at a job interview:

1. Failing to ask for the job.

2. Failing to set yourself apart from other candidates.

3. “Winging” the interview.

4. Trying to be all things to all people.

5. Concentrating too much on what you want.

6. Inadequate research about a potential employer.

7. Not showing enough interest or enthusiasm.

8. Lacking humor, warmth, or personality.

9. Over-explaining why you lost your last job.

10. Conveying that you’re still not over losing your previous job.

All of these things are extremely important to remember when interviewing. It’s almost as if you are “selling” yourself to your potential employer, and you really want them to buy. If you feel as though your interviewing skills are not that strong, or that you’re struggling be sure to set up an appointment with Career Services for a mock interview.


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