SHSU is ranked as the 25th cheapest college in Texas

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The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board has broken down the numbers at universities and SHSU is ranked as the 25th cheapest college in Texas.

Compare College TX, a website,has also been released along with the Almanac. This new site allows users to compare Texas public higher education institutions side by side, according to the Almanac.


Texas is ranked 25 in educational attainment of a bachelor’s degree. Seventeen percent of students graduate with a bachelor’s degree. Texas is at the same level as Georgia and Iowa.

Texas also ranks 25 in tuition costs at a four year college at $6,742 per semester. Sam Houston State University’s tuition per semester is $7,554.


Sam Houston has 18,461 students enrolled; it takes an average of five years for SHSU students to graduate with a bachelor’s degree.

Based on fall 2012 SHSU has about 60 percent white students, 17 percent Hispanic students, 17 percent of African American students and six percent international and other ethnicity students.

The total degrees awarded in fall 2012 were 3,925.

The majority of SHSU students graduate in around 10 years at 61 percent. Fifty-seven percent graduate in six years while 31 percent graduate in four years.


An update on The Higher Education Coordinating Board’s “Closing the Gaps by 2015” campaign, in their almanac, has been released and Texas is closer to reaching their goal and getting all students involved.

According to the campaign, as of 2012 enrollment in Texas higher education has increased by about 540 thousand students since 2000 when the campaign was started. The campaign’s ultimate goal for 2015 is a more than 630 thousand increase in enrollment.

“This year, the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board will turn much of its attention to developing the next strategic plan for higher education in Texas,” Ph.D. Raymund A. Paredes, commissioner of Higher Education said in the report. “Into the future, our goal must surely be to strive not for parity but national and international leadership.”

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