SHSU student dances everywhere he goes

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While bobbing his head and moving his hips down the streets of Huntsville he attracts the curious stares of people nearby. But he doesn’t care.

Many students would describe him as, “that guy who dances on campus”, but under the booming sound of his bright blue headphones, Arnold Washington is just another student.

Washington, a junior health and kinesiology major, has an overwhelming passion for music and dance. While theater and music aren’t in his degree plan, which some might be surprised by, he uses these passions to express himself freely.

“I have been dancing on campus the past three years,” Washington said. “I love it, I have fun and I believe dancing is an expression of self and that is what I am doing. I am an open lively free person and I show it in my dance.”

Washington feels his major has everything to do with music and dance.

“Getting up, moving around and expressing yourself is all about moving your body and being healthy, both spiritually and physically,” Washington said.

Music from all genres inspires him as he glides through Huntsville.

While artist like Adele, Bruno Mars and Little Wayne are at the top of his playlist, he prefers to hear the rhymes of 90’s R & B. The genre helped him become more comfortable expressing himself through dance.

“I consider myself a 90’s baby and grew up with that iconic music and I think that’s when I really started dancing,” Washington said.

Even though he is known as, “that guy who dances on campus” Washington lives out his passion through his involvement with the national music fraternity Phi Mu Alpha and playing his trumpet in the Bearkat Marching Band.

At the end of the day Washington hopes that his free spirit personality brings a smile to the faces of Huntsville.

“As long as I can make someone smile or help them realize they can express themselves freely too, I am happy,” Washington said.

While not that many people stop him to ask him what he is doing, he loves to answer questions and talk to curious minds.

“I don’t get a lot of questions but when I do I am more than happy to explain myself and help people learn about free expression,” Washington said.

Washington remembers a comment that made him realize he is doing something right.

He said, “I was dancing down Sam Houston Ave. when a lady pulled over and told me that every time she sees me she can’t help but smile”

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