Futurama Ends

Futurama, now a veteran of comedy shows, aired its final episode of their seventh and last season yesterday at 10/9c p.m.

The season seven finale Professor Farnsworth presents Planet Express with a time shelter. Fry and Bender pull off a jewelry heist, and Fry finally proposes to Leela. In Futurama Live! Fans express their gratitude to a series well done,” I don’t think we could have asked for a better ending,” said an audience member.

This adult comedy has had four different “series finales” already. The fact that the executive producer has vowed to take a break from the show is questionable. Their track record shows that their word is possibly not their bond when it comes to this long-standing show. According to Comedy Central’s website David X. Cohen, Executive Producer of Futurama, said, “This time, I can feel like we made it. Over the course of 14 years, we did seven seasonsà”

During the live chat with producers of Futurama, Cohen announced the winner of a Zoidberg figurine that was signed by one of the cast members.

Futurama first aired on Fox back in 1999, which happens to be the same year as Family Guy. Futurama did well in its younger years, winning an Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program in 2001. Despite its success, Fox decided to cancel the show in 2003. Comedy Central agreed to commission 16 new episodes from direct-to- DVD movies in 2008 that ran as 30 minute episodes. With its considerably high ratings, Comedy Central ordered 26 more episodes to be aired over two more seasons only a year later.

Phillip Fry referred to in the series as “Fry”, was a 25 year old with a dead end pizza delivery job. Fry somehow freezes himself on the last day off December, 1999. He wakes up 1,000 years later to a futuristic world, where he finds a one-eyed alien named Leela and a poorly manufactured robot, Bender. Fry’s distant future nephew employs him and his two new friends at Planet Express, an intergalactic delivery service.

There have also been episodes centered on a semi-central character, such as Bender “going to hell” for all of his sins and Leela meeting her biological parents. Futurama is, or was, a show with predominately laugh producing events, but every so often an emotional, gut-punching episode pops up. Fans are still crying over season five’s “Jurassic Bark”.

This science fiction animation was created by David X Cohen and Matt Groening. Groening is also responsible for creating the Simpsons. Even though the final episode has aired, there is rumored to be a cross-over episode of the Simpsons with Futurama.

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