“Poseurs” steal the spotlight during fashion week

As fashion week evolves, new problems arise for designers and the fashion-savvy. In the past, limited access was granted to the press and the public. Today, fashion week has become a “circus” plagued with celebrities, bloggers and Instagram photographers. When the majority of photographers are there to photograph celebrities, it is clear that the focus has drifted from the clothes.

There are “30,000 people, and 10,000 who are trying to take pictures of all of those people, who are totally unrelated to the clothes,” said prominent designer Oscar de la Renta,

De la Renta plans to cut the guest list in half for his show next week.

Fashion in general has become frantic and chaotic. Designers are expected to create at least 10 collections per year, which challenges the creative process. By cutting the guest list de la Renta hopes to bring the attention back to what matters.

In the age of social media and instant gratification, it’s no wonder fashion has become chaotic. While bloggers and photographers are an important part of the fashion scene, they should only be at shows to photograph and talk about the clothes and designers. In the same way, celebrities shouldn’t be there for their own gain.

Designers such Tom Ford are trying to completely eliminate photography and celebrities from their shows, but from a business perspective this isn’t a smart move. There needs to be a happy medium with celebrities and bloggers who are interested in the clothes.

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