Carrie Underwood takes her career to a new level during football season

When you think of Carrie Underwood, you immediately think of American Idol and powerful country tunes. Although these attributes are befitting and completely relatable to the singer, Underwood has decided to change the steady path of her musical career.

“It’s wonderful to be in front of an audience that might be a little different for me and to be a part of football season,” Underwood told USA Today.

I think it is safe to say that Underwood’s career is taking a turn for the best. Sunday Night Football is the number one show on prime-time television for Sunday. This gives Underwood’s audience a chance to expand beyond her usual country-rock fan base and American Idol loyalists. The singer has always had her fair share of limelight, but being a part of one of the biggest sports’ seasons will allow her to shine brighter than anyone who has jump started their career from Idol.

Underwood plans on changing the dynamic of the theme song so that her voice and personality will be recognized. According to Associated Press writer Kristin M. Hall on, the singer is planning to perform the song in an entirely different manner than well-known country star Faith Hill, who has performed the theme song for the past five seasons of the show.

“We definitely wanted to go in and make sure we switched gears a little bit and made it sound more like me. And changed up the look and the feel just so it wasn’t, you know, the same song with a different blondie up there singing it,” Underwood stated.

Hill has an amazing voice, but I admit that hearing someone new this season will be refreshing for the viewers. I think it is essential for Underwood to make sure that she allows her rendition of the theme song to be a reflection of who she is and how she has grown throughout her career.

According to mjsbigblog, Underwood also plans to include 13 NFL players in her debut video. Some of the players are Detroit Lions WR Calvin Johnson, Indianapolis Colts QB Andrew Luck, New York Giants QB Eli Manning, Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning and Green Bay Packers LB Clay Matthews.

It is obvious that Underwood has high expectations for her big debut. She puts her own spin on the popular theme song, and she includes some of the most popular NFL players in her performance. This is a big step in Underwood’s career because it introduces an entirely new ‘Carrie Underwood’ to the world.

Be a witness tonight, Sept. 8, as Underwood kicks off the season on NBC’s Sunday Night Football.

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