Sony announces PS Vita TV takes on Apple TV, Roku

Sony has announced a new console at the Tokyo Game Show, the PS vita TV. While the upcoming Playstation 4 is Sony’s flagship device, this new console is aimed at combining the gaming aspects of the PS Vita handheld with multimedia applications like Hulu.

The console has not been slated for a North American release yet, but the Japanese model supports multiple video content providers including Hulu and Sony’s own service, Video Unlimited.

On the gaming front the device supports Playstation 1, PSP and Vita games and will act as an extender for PS4 games. Games from the PS4 can be streamed to the device if the ps4’s TV is in use, and some games will allow the Vita TV to act as a second system for local multiplayer on 2 TVs.

With video streaming, a twitter client and a robust gaming catalog the console will be a direct competitor to other streaming devices like the Apple TV and Roku box.

The Console will launch November in Japan and will cost 9,480 yen($95). A second version that comes with a controller and an 8gb memory card will also be released for ?14,280 ($143).

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