Unitarianism club hopes to make impact on campus

The Universal Unitarian (UU) Bearkat Club is in the process of reactivating and reforming after a year in hiatus. The UU Bearkat Club went hiatus after the president and vice president transferred to different colleges.

“[The club] just dissipated,” faculty sponsor James Johnson said. “Anyone looking to find direction [can join].”

Johnson said that Unitarians accept all faiths. Right now they are just trying to form back up again.

“We created the Bearkats club because we saw other churches had outreach programs (and) thought we needed one as well,” Johnson said.

Beth Williamson, former president of the Universal Unitarian Church in Huntsville, said that the Unitarian denomination began in England in 1825. She said it was a liberal Protestant denomination where everyone was saved.

“To put it shortly, deeds not creeds,” Williamson said. “We think there are values in all great religions.”

Unitarianism is a noncreedal faith, which means members do not have to profess adherence to a specific set of principles in order to join the church.

In addition, the church accepts of all religions. Williamson even said that an atheist came to the club, when it was active, to look into different religions.

“Anyone who wishes to come can come,” Williamson said.

Williamson said that the group’s goal is not to convert people. According to the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations (UUAG), the UU congregations uphold shared principles; individual Unitarian Universalists may discern their own beliefs about spiritual, ethical and theological issues.

Membership is open to all students and requires $5 in dues and ten hours of community service. For more information, contact Johnson at 936-294-9751 or Williamson at betwil@aol.com.

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