LSC postponed, not enough financial backing

The Lowman Student Center renovation can’t go forward as quickly as hoped, because some student’s fees are waived, according to Danny McDaniel, director of the LSC.

In the fall of 2012, the students passed a referendum agreeing to increase their LSC fee from $60 to $100 to pay for a new LSC.

After the increase went into place, McDaniel believed the LSC was on track to start building soon. McDaniel said the staff then realized that several students LSC fees are waived.

McDaniel said that students who are straight distance learners don’t have to pay fees, as well as state mandated waivers and university policy waivers.

In this past fiscal year, which ended Aug. 31, $709,000 in fees were waived.

“Financing is a challenge right now,” McDaniel said. “We’re working through to try and figure out how to make those financing payments and looking at different alternatives.”

McDaniel wants to ensure the students that their fee increase is still going towards LSC construction.

“In the meantime what we have done is open a construction account for the university,” McDaniel said.

Any excess that the students have been paying, or the $40 increase, is being put into a construction account.

According to McDaniel the LSC is tackling some of the small things that the students and staff have requested be changed, while raising funds to begin building.

Some people on campus had complained about the dim lighting in the LSC Lobby. McDaniel said that they have had a company come in and look at the lighting and change out the existing lights. They are currently working on a plan.

McDaniel also said that they have bought more narrow tables to maximize the occupancy in the rooms.

“We have so many organizations and we only have three rooms that will hold really over 50 people,” McDaniel’s said.

With the narrow tables occupancy went up from 100 to 120.

There is no projected date for the actual construction of the new LSC. The LSC needs to raise enough money to make a bond payment equal to the cost. McDaniel’s said this will be around $800,000.

It is unclear how much money has been raised so far.

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