Searching on Google could lead to a virus

Those of us who have used Google before (everybody on the planet, right?) can say that once you Google, you will Google again and again. And again. It has become a daily habit. I know I Google at least six to ten times a day.The survival rate of Google addicts without the magnificent search engine would be scary low.

Although Google has its amazing and addictive perks, were you aware that Googling certain names, places or things could put your computer at risk for a nasty virus?

The way Google works starts with you. You type in a name, a phrase a place, or a question on last night’s history homework, hit search and watch the magic happen as thousands of websites pop up for your convenience. How does Google do that? Google uses the words you type into the search bar such as Miley Cyrus or Syria, and it pulls from a database loaded with trillions of endless websites on the internet. All of them — even the websites that are loaded with malware.

Unknowingly, you click on the first link that appears on your screen after searching for the cheapest place to get gas, and it happens. Your computer goes black, and the next day Geek Squad is repairing your device.

Although there are few ways to deviate from getting sneaky viruses, there are some helpful things you can do to prevent a virus attacking your computer. Here is a list of the most credible virus protectors available for you as well as a list of the most dangerous names to search for, including Lily Collins and Avril Lavigne.

Prevention is possible, Googlers! Protect yourselves with a malware defender and don’t click on sketchy links. Happy Googling, friends.

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