Justin Bieber Unlikely to Star as ‘Robin?’ in ‘Batman vs. Superman’

Batman fans, already surprised by the notion of Ben Affleck as the new dark knight, were knocked off their feet when pop sensation Justin Bieber suggested he might star with Affleck as Robin in the upcoming movie “Batman vs. Superman”.

This previous Sunday, Twitter was buzzing over this after Bieber posted a picture of him holding a script labeled ‘Batman vs. Superman’. “God, please let it be a hoax!” tweeted what seemed a recurring theme by @KoderKev.

But, the script was a big fake. A clever hoax to be a part of a forthcoming comedy sketch for the Funny or Die website. Bieber seemed to confirm this, tweeting he was “off to do something funny or à die”.

In the 1990’s movie franchise of Batman, Chris O’Donnell portrayed a more serious Robin, and in last year’s “The Dark Knight Rises,” it was very strongly suggested that Joseph Gordon-Levitt may assume the role.

This new movie, ‘Batman vs. Superman’ û directed by Zack Snyder’s and sequel to “Man of Steel” û is planned to hit movie theaters July 2015.

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