Miley Cyrus’ ‘Wrecking Ball’ spoofed by Conan O’Brien (video)

Miley Cyrus has caused a stir with her new video for “Wrecking Ball.”

In some scenes she is infamously swinging on a wrecking ball in just her underwear while in others she is completely naked.

She cries, licks a hammer and sings about her broken heart, which we can only infer is over her ex-fianc? Liam Hemswroth. Not only is it trashy but seems unsanitary. Although it has over 118 million views, there is no denying the scrutiny and mockery she will receive from it. SNL is always coming up with silly spoofs and this would have been a perfect candidate for them, however someone has beaten them to the punch, Conan O’Brien.

On Tuesday’s show, Conan was able to bring up a “new controversy with the video” claiming that Cyrus “might have stolen the idea for the video” from “an obscure local ad in the Chicago area.” The commercial features “Cal Talpin from Talpin Appliance,” a salesman who swings on a wrecking ball “knocking down prices,” and “takes a sledge hammer to high interest rates,” all while dressed in a white tank and underwear claiming that he is “crazy about bargains!”

There is no denying the similarities, especially when he takes the hammer and licks it in order to show that they are “licking the competition.” Once you see the store’s slogan, you will definitely crack a laugh.

Wonder what Cyrus will say once she sees the video, but she had to have seen it coming. She pretty much gave everyone an easy pass to make fun of her.

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