Carrie Underwood makes major moves by performing at the Emmys

Carrie Underwood is making major moves in her career. Earlier this year, Underwood became the new voice of one of primetime television’s top shows, Saturday Night Live. Now the country singer will be a part of a major tribute at one of the world’s biggest award shows.

Underwood is performing at the Emmys this year, but her performance will not be typical. The country star’s performance will honor the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, and it will also acknowledge a historic performance from The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show.

Underwood is moving on up in her singing career. A performance at the Emmys will expand her fan base and help viewers gain a newfound respect for her. Underwood has surpassed the stage of American Idol and is making new advancements as she progresses through her career.

The tribute is expected to be heartfelt and extraordinary, and the award show in general has never been a disappointment. Actor Neil Patrick Harris is hosting the Emmys for the second time, and there will be more great performances, including one from Elton John.

It is an event that you do not want to miss so tune in Sunday on CBS at 7 pm CST.

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