Kenichi Ebina, winner of America’s Got Talent, didn’t even see it coming

Kenichi Ebina did not expect to be the last man standing Thursday in one of the nation’s top talent competitions, America’s Got Talent.

The 39-year-old dancer said that his performance “wasn’t that impressive” and that he was surprised to be one of the two finalists left. Ebina’s victory was a shocking reality for him, but everyone else was already convinced that he would come out on top.

Ebina became a fan (and judge) favorite early on in the competition. Each of his performances consisted of various areas of dance and energetic and heartfelt moves that kept viewers excited and engaged. His dance routines were never the same so no one knew what to expect. All that they were sure of was that the performances would never be disappointing.

The dancer is not just your typical at-home dancer who makes up routines just because he thinks he can. Most of America did not even know that Ebina has his own dance company.

America’s Got Talent was not his first time performing in front of a huge crowd. The website for his company, Ebina Performing Arts, lists all of Ebina’s past endeavors and awards, one of them being crowned as the only two-time grand champion on Showtime at the Apollo at the Apollo Theater.

Here is a list of other accomplishments:

Ebina plans to go above and beyond the stages of America’s Got Talent. He is glad that the show helped promote his talents, but he wants to encourage other dancers to use the show to promote their talents as well.

This is only the beginning of the major successes in Ebina’s career, and I think it is safe to say that this will not be the last we see of him.

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