Machado injury reflects Oriole’s season

The Baltimore Orioles slowly have trickled into irrelevance through the months of August and September.

Although fighting to keep out of the cellar of the AL East, Baltimore took another blow when third baseman Manny Machado was taken off the field by stretcher Monday against the Tampa Bay Rays.

The third baseman stretched out an infield single in the seventh inning, but tumbled after hitting the base at an awkward angle. Initial reports report Machado suffered a major injury in his left leg with the extent of his injury still unknown.

According to Sports Illustrated, team doctors weren’t able to diagnose the 21-year old star, but suspect a season-ending injury.

Baltimore has lost their last four games, surrendering their American League wild-card bid. Machado’s injury won’t determine the outcome of the Oriole’s 2013 season, but could keep him from starting the 2014 season if it’s a major ACL injury.

Machado is scheduled to have a MRI in Baltimore Tuesday. SI said the Orioles will not offer a public diagnosis until all initial tests are completed.

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