Rockstar responds to reported problems with GTA V on Xbox 360

According to the Grand Theft Auto website GTA open forums, GTA V has been crashing older Xbox consoles.

GTA V support has been receiving a high amount of calls and complaints from consumers. Some have reinstalled the game are still having issues. The game continues to freeze at the character, Franklin’s, first mission, which is fairly early in the game. Most to all complaints have come from users who own an Xbox from 2006 to 2008. Some have gone as far as replacing their hard disc drive of 20GB with the newer unit 250GB.

Xbox Live Support suggests a list of nine different steps get the game to work: First, clear the system cache three times. Delete the market place data from storage system items. Unplug the console for three minutes. Install the first disc, power off the console and do not insert disc two yet. Restart the console and finally install the second disc. Play the game as you would normally.

Opposite from the usual support calls, a specialist assured customers that the console is not the issue. There are technical difficulties going on with the programming of GTA V. For Xbox, about 14GB are needed for both discs to function properly.

Bryan Hood, Xbox owner and junior student at Sam Houston State, believes this issue is similar to one in the past: “It could have had something to do with the older models with the red ring,” he said. He has not been having any issues with gameplay, as he has a newer model.

In addition to the issue mentioned above, people are talking about the disappearance of their vehicles they take into Los Santos Customs. According to blogger of, David Scammel, “Rockstar has advised players to avoid using GTA V’s garages,” he said. “

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