Will Blake Shelton win another season of The Voice?

One of NBC’s top vocal competitions, The Voice, premiered its fifth season of talent, rivalries and comedy on Monday. Each of the coaches have their game faces on, and they are determined to pick the perfect vocalists to create their winning teams.

The season premiere focused on the blind auditions. The show began with the judges chatting like old friends and discussing their excitement for the new voices they would be hearing. For the past three seasons, Blake Shelton has come out on top, but Christina Aguilera, Cee-Lo Green and Adam Levine are not having that this time around.

The show’s host, Carson Daley, teased Shelton about having a “bull’s-eye on his back”, and the other judges laughed in agreement because their main goal was to make sure that Shelton did not snag another win under his belt.

Part one of the premiere showed proof that Shelton was not going to have it so easy this season. He ended up with only one singer on his team by the end of the night, while Aguilera and Green scored two male vocalists. Levine took the title for the most artists on his team by the end of night with three artists added to his list.

Shelton’s favorite reminder to the singers before they chose their desired coaches was how many seasons he had won in the past, but it seemed to be of no help. Even in the second part of the premiere singers overlooked his past achievements and went with the other judges.

When the first vocalist of the night, 16-year-old Jacquie Lee was making her decision between Shelton and Aguilera, the heat was on between the coaches. Aguilera mocked Shelton’s country accent and pointed out that he was “bored with winning”. Shelton snapped back and mentioned that he “specialized in helping 16-year-old girls win the show”, but Lee was not too convinced and ended up joining Aguilera’s team.

The night was filled with strong voices and different genres of music, but it wouldn’t be a show if the rivalries between the judges were not at an all time high. As each contestant pondered on their decisions, Blake did everything in his power to win them over. By the first 20 minutes of the show, the only judges who had earned new team members were Levine and Christina.

It didn’t look promising for Shelton, but he caught up with his fellow judges and reeled in three artists by the end of part two. According to the National Ledger, Green, Levine and Aguilera had all gained two more team members.

Though the beginning of these blind auditions were a little rocky for Blake Shelton in the beginning, he caught up and still gave his contenders something to watch out for. This season will be one that is built around helping aspiring vocalists to achieve their dreams all while making sure Shelton doesn’t steal another victory. The entertainment from this show will come at viewers from every angle.

Who do you think will win this war? Stay tuned every Monday and Tuesday at 8/7c on NBC, and be your own judge.

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