Rockstar Announces GTA: Online Microtransactions

Rockstar revealed this week that GTA: Online will allow players to participate in a virtual economy that allows real life money to by in-game cash.

Developers have announced the intricate features of GTA: Online. Fans have protested to the fact that they may have to use real life money to get ahead in the virtual world. The negative outlook on how GTA: Online will turn out is real, but Rockstar has assured GTA fans that the odds will be in their favor.

According to the online world will always be changing: “The ultimate shape of GTA Online will be determined as much by you, the player, as by the work we put in. What you like and don’t like, what you play and what you want will determine how the game develops and what it turns into.”

A dilemma arises when one possess the knowledge that money buys power in GTA: Online. True success in the online world would come from having more money to make excessive vehicle and artillery purchases. Depending on the pricing of products available to the online public, senior student at Sam Houston State, Rickhard Huggup, said, “My initial reaction would be that I am not interested in making any sort of micro-transactions, especially when I am already paying a substantial amount of money.”

For example: Plants vs. Zombies is a free game. Developers do not get many complaints about in game purchases in a game people got their hands on for free. Grand Theft Auto V costs upwards to $60; including in game purchases could possibly make buys feel like Rockstar is being a little grabby. Ways to get a hold of cars, clothes, and cool gadgets is possible without making micro-transactions to get more money in the online world. On the upside, GTA: Online will be of no cost.

Yannlck LeJacq of NBC news said, “As if in response to gamer concerns, Rockstar said that “microtransactions were designed to give players an added convenience if they did not have the time or energy to unlock everything at their own pace.” Whether or not gamers will believe that is another story.

GTA V may have to follow suit and do away with the ecommerce idea. Blizzard Entertainment will be relinquishing Diablo 3’s Auction House of its duties next year. The auction house was a place where players can buy and sell items in the game for real money or in-game gold. Most items available for purchase were considered rare or of higher quality than those retrieved from looting or stumbling across.

This feature was recently taken down due to a high volume of hacking and other dishonest activities plaguing the servers.

GTA: Online will be made available to all who have GTA V on October 1st. There will be up to 16 characters unique to online game play. There has been word that game code reads 32 players may be possible, however, those claims have been denied. Fans have been assured that the online world will continue to change overtime.

Rockstar has encouraged users to email: for any questions, comments, and concerns. This address will be made active upon launch on GTA: Online. As always, GTA forums will remain open for adamant complaints.

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