Spellbounding season premiere of Once Upon a Time

More characters, action and adventure packed the season premiere of ABC’s “Once Upon A Time” on Sunday.

The episode started with a flashback to the birth of Henry in prison followed by a flashforward to present day where Emma Swan, Henry’s birth mother, Snow White, Emma’s mother, Prince Charming, Emma’s father and Snow White’s husband. They are all on board Captain Hook’s ship along with The Evil Queen – Henry’s adoptive mother – and Rumplestiltskin – Henry’s grandfather.The group is on a journey to find Henry because kidnappers took him to Neverland.

This premiere gave the audience a good recap of where the characters were at the end of the past season and gave fans something to look forward to in the upcoming episodes.

There are still unanswered questions and new questions to keep the audience tuning in every week. The story is written well, but can be predictable at times. The characters are entertaining to watch because they are either what the audience is familiar with or the characters are total opposite of what the audience knows.

Now in the third season the characters are starting to venture out of their own boxes and is interesting to watch that unfold. The little adventures and fights throughout the show are exciting and thrilling to watch. A particular scene was funny when Neil talks to Mulan about how in the “real” world there is a movie about her and she asks, “What’s a movie?”

The special effects in this show are not great. Most of the sets are obviously green-screened. The effects are good at the basics but when they try to get fanvy, it loses quality. The show provides a good message saying to have faith in others despite difference there might be.

“Once Upon A Time” is an entertaining show with incising characters and exciting adventures. The story and characters keep the fans coming every week. The show airs at 7 p.m. every Sunday.

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