Life Lessons from ABC’s Scandal

It’s (finally) baaaaaaaaack and gladiators around the world rejoice as ABC’s hit show Scandal returns Thursday. While we have thoroughly enjoyed the wildly unbelievable and suspenseful situations presented for our enjoyment, there are also a few lessons we could glean about life from the show.

1. No new friends.

Really, if David had continued to keep his circle small — his ‘Beautiful Mind’ wall of clues, his Cytron card and his secretary, he would have been a lot less crazy. But then, he may not have jumped his career up to top-tier status, either. So, you be the judge.

2. Life is not a romance novel.

Cyrus and James prove this every episode. Mellie and Fitz prove this every episode. But mostly, Olivia shows us that love does not always win in the end.

3. If you’re married, you can’t really be that angry and offended that your girlfriend is dating.

Olivia gotta have a life too, Fitz.

4. There are animals. Then, there are monsters. You’d be advised to know the difference.


5. Nothing is worse than a mad dad.

We may embarrass our parents but just imagine if that embarrassment led down the road of covert sex tapes and complete public humiliation.

With a whole new season of entertaining crises and (possibly) more life lessons, Scandal returns Thursday on ABC.

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